Multi-Play Pro Putt Grass

Ideal for golfers wanting to work on their short game our Pro putt grass can also be used for a number of sporting activities and applications inside and out. Its high quality texturised monofilament yarn provides a neat, compact and durable surface.

Pro Putt – Golf & Multipurpose sports grass 

Perfect for Golf Enthusiasts! Create your own putting green with our Pro Putt artificial grass. This specially designed artificial grass features a dense, curled pile in a vibrant mid-green shade, designed to mimic the feel of professional greens. Ideal for golfers looking to refine their putting skills at home. Its robust quality ensures durability and a realistic golfing experience. Improve your game with Pro Putt – the golfer’s choice for home practice.



  • 16mm pile-height
  • Deep curled pile
  • Ideal for putting greens 
  • Pet friendly
  • UV–stabilised
  • Free draining

NI: 028 9182 6134

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Benefits of Artificial Grass:


Looks Great All Seasons

No More Mowing

No Watering or Feeding

High UV resistance

No More Muddy Feet or Paws

Children Friendly

Pet Friendly

Artificial Grass is suitable for: 


Putting greens


Multi sport activities


Indoor and outdoor gyms


Play areas, walkways and paths


Commercial Areas


Restaurants, Hotels and shopping centres


Exhibitions and Events


Patios, Balconies and Roof Gardens 

Simple Application process

Competitive Rates

Rapid response time

Flexible terms

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