Artificial Grass 8 Year Warranty

Warranty details:

  • Artificial Grass Company warrants that the artificial grass supplied from our range of artificial grass products will withstand UV degradation and colour loss for a period of eight (8) years; subject to correct installation and wear and tear.
  • For purposes of this warranty, a Artificial Grass Company Grass product will be considered to have maintained its UV stability and tensile strength if the original tensile strength of the yarn(s) used do not decrease by more than fifty percent (50%) and / or the colour.
  • Warranty covers product only and not the installation, groundwork or labour.
  • For all verified claims, a like-for-like replacement product will be supplied at the following percentage of the original purchase price:

8 Year Warranty

Year 1 – 100% Year 2 – 85% Year 3 – 70% Year 4 – 55%
Year 5 – 40% Year 6 – 25% Year 7 – 15% Year 8 – 5%

What isn’t covered:

Whilst we!d love to cover everything under the warranty, unfortunately there are a few other things that we can!t…

    • Issues arising from poor / incorrect / in-proper installation incl. sub-base preparation or  incorrect use of infill or installation materials;
    • Failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the artificial grass;
    • Damage including fading and melting caused by light reflected from windows, glass, mirrors, swimming/ paddling pools or plastic;
    • Damage caused by oil or chemical spillages;
    • Use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides or improper cleaning methods;
    • Damage caused by wild animals or domestic pets;
    • Fire (incl. use of BBQ!s, patio heaters etc), burns, cuts, accidents, vandalism, abuse, negligence or neglect;
    • Damage caused directly or indirectly by acts of God, storms, floods or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of Surfacescape Group Ltd.
    • Ground movement or subsidence incl. tree root growth or any other horticultural external influence;
    • The surface being used for the purpose other than that for which it was designed and installed;
    • Installations outside of the UK or Ireland.

Other conditions:

    • DURATION – 8-year, UV warranty starts from the date of invoice;
    • FAIR WEAR AND TEAR – Does not include high and / or excessive use, as well as repetitive activities such as beneath a swing or slide;
    • MATERIAL DAMAGE – The warranty only refers to the material damage to the artificial grass itself, and relates exclusively to possible repair or partial or complete replacement of the artificial grass, as required by the circumstances;
    • NO EXTENSION – Product repairs or replacements performed under the terms of this warranty shall not lead to any extension whatsoever of the warranty;
    • LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – No liability will be assumed for any consequential damage, loss or expense;
    • NOTIFICATION OF CLAIMS – Claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing, together with proof of installation date, name of installation company (if applicable), address of installation, product sample/fibre material, sample of infill material(s) and a minimum of three clear pictures showing the problem. Surfacescape Group Ltd. shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Purchaser or others with respect to any tests, inspections or consultations conducted by Purchaser or others. Should replacement of any product be deemed necessary under the warranty, Surfacescape Group Ltd will supply a replacement product at the percentage of the original purchase price as detailed in the table above. The Purchaser shall pay the portion of the purchase price for the replacement product not covered by Surfacescape Group Ltd. Surfacescape Group Ltd. shall neither be obligated to remove or dispose of the defective grass or install the new grass, nor be obligated to pay the cost for such removal, disposal or installation.
    • MODIFICATIONS – This warranty, is the complete, final and exclusive agreement of the parties with respect to the quality and performance of the Products and any and all representations and warranties concerning the Products.
      None of the provisions of this warranty may be changed, modified, amended or supplemented except by a written instrument signed by an authorised representative of Surfacescape Group Ltd; Surfacescape Group makes no other warranty express or implied.
    • WAIVER – No failure on the part of Surfacescape Group Ltd. to exercise, and no delay by Surfacescape Group Ltd. in exercising any right, power or remedy hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, not shall any single or partial exercise of any right, power or remedy by Surfacescape Group Ltd. preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or remedy;
    • GOVERNING LAW – This warranty and the rights and obligations of the parties under this warranty shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of Northern Ireland. Each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Northern Ireland over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this Agreement. . This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.
    • SEVERABILITY – If any provision or portion of any provision of this warranty shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall constitute the agreement with respect to the subject matter, and all such remaining provisions or portions thereof shall remain in full force and effect;
    • ASSIGNMENT – Purchaser may not transfer, convey or otherwise assign all or any of its rights under this warranty without the prior written consent of Surfacescape Group Ltd. This warranty is only binding upon Surfacescape Group Ltd. and Purchaser.


    (WITHIN 90 DAYS OF PURCHASE)If you are having any issues with the registration of your warranty please contact Surfacescape Group Ltd as soon as possible.Should you fail to register this warranty online (within 90 days of purchase) it will not be valid.

    As part of the registration process customers give consent to the storage of their personal data that is required to be entered online.

    The Artificial Grass Company Terms & Conditions

    1. Application (a.) These conditions shall form part of all contracts for the supply of goods (hereinafter called “the Goods”) by The Artificial Grass Company trading as The Artificial Grass Company (hereinafter called “the Company”) to any other person or body corporate (hereinafter called “the Customer”).

    (b.) All quotations and contracts are subject to the terms and conditions herein.

    (c.) Any qualifications or variations in the Customer’s order or acceptance of an offer or otherwise shall be excluded unless expressly agreed by the Company in writing by an officer of the Company duly and expressly authorised.

    (d.) Commencement of any work by the Company or the fulfilment of any orders after delivery of these terms by the Company to the Customer shall, in the absence of any written acceptance, be deemed an unconditional acceptance by the customer of these terms.

    1. Limitation of Authority

    (a.) The Company’s servants and agents have no authority orally to vary, modify or waive expressly or impliedly any of these conditions whatsoever or to any oral or written representation as to their effect save that an officer of the Company duly and expressly authorised may vary in writing any term contained herein.

    1. Quotations

    (a.) Quotations by the Company shall not constitute offers by the Company to supply Goods or carry out work referred to therein, and no order placed in response to a quotation will be binding unless accepted by the Company in writing. All such acceptances by the Company are subject to availability of the necessary materials and to the Company being able to obtain any necessary authorisation and/or licenses and to the same remaining valid.

    1. Payment

    (a.) All accounts shall be paid without retention in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of credit as agreed with The Artificial Grass Company.

    (b.) Notwithstanding (a) above, the right to demand payment at any time is reserved.

    (c.) New accounts are subject to credit control procedures before being opened.

    (d.) The customer shall not, without the written agreement of The Artificial Grass Company, be entitled to deduct or set off from any money due pursuant hereto any claim for loss or expense alleged to have been incurred by the Customer by reason of any breach or failure to observe the provisions of this or any other contract by The Artificial Grass Company, and the Customer expressly waives any common law right of set off to which they may be entitled.

    (e.) Any complaints by the Customer as to the condition, quality, or quantity of Goods supplied relating to a part or portion of an order shall not affect the liability of the Customer to make payment within the stipulated time in respect of the remainder of the order.

    (f.) Without prejudice to The Artificial Grass Company’s rights as set out above, all overdue payments and charges under (g) shall carry interest at the rate of 2% per annum above the U.K. Clearing Banks base lending rate for the time being and from time to time so long as the Customer’s account shall remain unpaid.

    (g.) Notwithstanding (e) above, should the Customer default in payment of any sum for whatever reason on the due date then The Artificial Grass Company shall be entitled to engage the services of a Credit Control/Debt Recovery Agency (the Agency) to assist The Artificial Grass Company to recover all overdue payments from the Customer, and the Customer shall indemnify The Artificial Grass Company for all charges levied by the Agency against The Artificial Grass Company for such services.

    (h.) Notwithstanding (e) and (f) above, should the customer default in payment of any sum for whatever reason on the due date or commit any act of bankruptcy or if any resolution or petition to wind up the Customer’s business shall be passed (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or if a Receiver of the Customer’s undertaking is appointed The Artificial Grass Company may recover possession of the goods at any time and Clause 9(b)…

    The Artificial Grass Company Returns Policy

    • Returns may be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. • Goods that have been paid for but not collected by the customer cannot be refunded after 30 days from the date of purchase. • It is at the discretion of The Artificial Grass Company to offer a refund for goods that have been ordered in by The Artificial Grass Company based on a customer’s specific order. Refund will not be offered after 30 days due to the customer changing their mind. • Any product returned must be in the same condition as purchased. The product must not have been laid, must be in good condition with no damage, to include but not limited to weather or sun damage, damage caused by wild animals or domestic pets, vandalism, fire, neglect, or negligence. • Any product returned must be accompanied by valid proof of purchase. Without proof of purchase, The Artificial Grass Company will be unable to provide a refund, exchange, or replacement. • The Artificial Grass Company does not accept responsibility for any related costs paid by the customer in order to return the item. • If the customer requires The Artificial Grass Company to collect the item they wish to return, a collection fee will be charged as deemed appropriate by The Artificial Grass Company. • All returns that are not due to a manufacturer’s fault will incur a restocking fee of 10% of the original purchase price. Faults • In the unlikely event a fault develops with the product that is not related to installation or incorrect treatment of the product or other damage caused since purchase, it is within The Artificial Grass Company’s discretion to offer an exchange, replacement, repair, or refund. The Artificial Grass Company shall not be obliged to assume any responsibility for covering labor or installation charges.

    • The Artificial Grass Company must be informed as soon as possible of any faults. Clear photographs together with a description of the fault must be provided by post or email to: The Artificial Grass Company 29 Jubilee Road Newtownards BT23 4YH

    • The Artificial Grass Company will not offer a refund, return, or exchange if the customer: Was aware the item was faulty when they purchased it.


    •The Artificial Grass Company should be contacted within 30 days of date of invoice if there are any queries over the price of product.

    •All Shortages, damages and incorrect items must be reported to The Artificial Grass Company within 24 hours of receipt.